Winter Sheffield Removals Tips and Advice

Sheffield Removals company Andrews Removals offer advice on moving in winter

Although summer is the most desirable time of year to move house, relocating in the winter doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are a number of tips to make your winter relocation less hectic from Sheffield removals company Andrews Removals.

Let there be light

With winter comes short days. Once we’re into October you’ll often be lucky to get eight hours of daylight and in the depths of winter sunset doesn’t come much later than 4pm. For this reason it’s important that you know the lights will be working when you arrive at your new home. Bringing spare light bulbs and fuses should ensure you can continue into the evening, whilst a torch will come in handy as a last resort.

Check the weather forecast

Although the British weather can never be considered reliable moving in winter can bring with it all extremes of weather. By checking the weather forecast before the move you can ensure that you’re prepared for any eventuality. If you know the weather is bad you can ensure all electrical items and clothes are well protected from rain or snow.

Don’t forget your shovel

Nothing can derail a moving day like snow, but there are still ways to handle it. Bring at least one shovel with you to clear a path up the driveway. In icy conditions you might want to bring grit to ensure you won’t slip with heavy or important items. In the event of snow Andrews Removals will do whatever we can to ensure your house removal goes through.

Prepare your vehicle

Your Sheffield removals truck will be primed for the trip, but you need to ensure you’ll be there to meet us on the other side. We recommend giving your car a full check before a removal, particularly in a mechanically testing time of year. Getting stuck in a broken down car, particularly in longer hauls, will waste valuable time and could potentially derail a moving day.

Prepare your new home

If you have the opportunity it’s worth doing some preparation in your new home before you move. In winter it’s imperative you ensure that your boiler is working and the heating is on. Moving into a cold house is one thing, but dealing with a leak due to frozen pipes on your first night in you new house would be devastating. A deep clean is always recommended before the furniture is moved in. You should also make sure you have tea bags, milk and toilet roll.

Moving during busy periods

Your Sheffield removals company will be well aware of all the various traffic considerations that come with the festive time of year. Andrews Removals also know to check traffic updates for the entire destination to ensure everything runs smoothly. However, it’s important you check traffic updates and look into areas which may be busy during the busy Christmas shopping period.
Andrews Removals can offer you a quote for removals in Sheffield and across South Yorkshire and the North Midlands to anywhere in the UK. If you need to move this winter, or any time of year contact your removals company in Sheffield  today.