Our Top tips for a smooth Removal

  • Hire a professional removal company – it takes the stress out of moving… for more info on the benefits of using a removal company check out my blog post https://andrewsremovals.com/why-use-a-removal-company/
  • Ask about the liability cover your removal company offers – accidents happen so it’s always best to get cover. Some house insurance does cover goods whilst being removed so check!
  • Change your address – It might seem obvious but it is so easy to forget – your doctor, dentist, bank, insurance, family and friends. The list is endless of all the people you have to inform of your new address that it can slip your mind and you forget to tell someone!!! The last thing you want is an important letter being sent to your old address, the best thing to do is arrange for redirection at a small cost from the post office.
  • Pack as Early as Possible – Packing takes time and once your moving date is confirmed our advice is to get started. Make a start by packing the items that you don’t regularly use or with rooms that you don’t use as often such as the spare bedroom, the garage or attic. It will be like box city before you know it but that’s when the excitement kicks in.  For more info on packing visit https://andrewsremovals.com/how-to-successfully-pack-for-removals/  This leads nicely into our next tip
  • Declutter your Belongings – If you have the tendency to be a hoarder then moving house is no joke…. It may be tough to let go of that item that you’ve been saving for ‘just in case’ but there’s no point in moving things you don’t need and packing for your big move is the perfect excuse to have a clear out!. It’s time to be brutal, If you haven’t used it in two years, get rid of it. You’ll be glad you did come moving day.
  • Use Quality Materials – You are going to need boxes… And lots of them because a car and suitcases will just not do. We can supply you with a variety of different boxes along with the correct packing materials such as packing tape and bubble wrap.  Got lots of clothes to move?? We have wardrobe cartons to hire which makes transporting your clothes super easy plus saves on having to pack them.
  • Label Properly – One of the best bits of advice to give regarding packing is to clearly label the boxes so you know what’s inside them. Write what items are inside and which room they have come from or are going into. You could even use coloured stickers to help identify the contents. The last thing you will want to have to deal with is trying to locate a specific item such as a child’s toy and not knowing where it is.
  • Pack a Survival Box – Pack the essential things you are going to need first in a clear plastic tub. Trust us, this is a top tip and you can thank us later. Consider this your moving house survival kit. This can include scissors, Kitchen roll, bin bags, cutlery, the kettle and some mugs as well as tea, coffee, milk, sugar; even a bottle opener!! Whatever you think you’ll need for the 1st night in your new home. You will be thankful that you can have a cuppa in your new home. Oh and one more thing… Don’t forget the toilet paper.
  • Visit your New Area – This is where you have chosen to have your new home – Use any free weekends you have in the run up to the move to get acquainted with your new area.  Check out the pub or the local shops. You might even make a few friends in the neighbours
  • Relax – Order a takeaway for the first night in your new home so that you don’t have to worry about cooking for everyone.