Bare these ideas in mind as you prepare for your house removals in Sheffield

When it comes to packing for your house move, one thing that many people underestimate is how much space their clothes can take up. These few tips from your Sheffield removals specialists will help you manage when it comes to packing your favourite threads.


Have a clear out

What better time is there to clear out those old and unwanted clothes than before you Sheffield removals! Don’t be afraid to get rid of those items that you haven’t worn for a long time. Old clothes can make good cleaning cloths in your new home, whilst charity shops will always make the most of your unwanted items.

Sort by season

In order to make unpacking easier in your new home you can sort your clothes by season. This will reduce the amount of immediate packing you need to do, with you able to unpack the clothes that you need most first. You’ll also want to pack your shoes in a separate box and your underwear in a separate box again.

Borrow some suitcases

The best way to transport clothes is in a suitcase. Not only is this an effective way to keep your clothes safe, but it’s also the most compact way to store your clothes for the journey. You’ll also make it easier to carry your clothes using handles on the cases. If you can’t fit all of your clothes in the suit cases you can try and borrow some from friends and relatives.

Protect expensive items

Expensive or flimsy items of clothing can often get damaged when moving house if they are not properly protected. Items such as men’s suits should always be packed in a suit bag to protect them. Women’s dresses with fragile intricate designs should be packed in a protective bag also. You may also want to hang some clothes items up during transit.

Don’t forget the wardrobe

Wardrobes can be difficult items to move. Luckily Andrew’s Removals in Sheffield offer a dismantle and reassemble service that can take care of those tricky bulky items. If you have any items that you think you might need extra help with then mention it when you contact us and we’ll factor it in to your removals quote.

For more information on the full range of Sheffield removals services that we can offer browse our site today. We’ll do whatever we can to ensure we make your house move as stress free as possible. For a free quote call us on 0114 299 4838 today.