Make sure you plan your moving day to incorporate your pet’s needs

If you have pets you’ll want to plan your house move around them well before your removals company arrives. The day will be hectic already, but it’s important that you consider their needs. The chances are they’ll be just as stressed as you are. This advice from Andrews Removals in Sheffield will give you some ideas to make them as comfortable as possible on moving day.

Preparing for the move

Moving house requires preparation in any scenario, but with a pet you should spend some time to specifically plan how they will move. Make sure you pack all of their favourite toys in a box that is easy to locate. If they have a favourite blanket or bed it’s usually worth letting them travel with it. You should also consider their meal times ahead of travelling. If you’re moving with a cat, plan the move so they are in their travel box for as little time as possible.

Prioritise them when you arrive

When you arrive at your new house, expect your pets to be either stressed or excited. It’s important that you don’t let them get in the way, but at the same time they’ll need to begin settling in their new environment. You should allocate a small room for them out of the way with their toys and food. If you’re moving with cats take extra care to ensure they don’t escape by putting a note on their room door so that your Sheffield removals team are aware where they are.

Small animals

When it comes to smaller animals, such as hamsters, guinea pigs and budgies the smallest amount of stress can be extremely damaging for their health. Moving day can be extremely disturbing for them, with lots of noises, vibrations and thudding. In an ideal scenario they should stay with your friend or family until the move is complete. However, if they have to move with you make them the last thing in your car and the first thing out, stored in the quietest room possible until the move is complete.

If all else fails – Kennels

Your pet might be quite excitable and be sure to get in the way. If this is the case then it’s often worth booking a kennel or cattery for your animal ahead of the move. This will you allow someone else to look after your animal. Once your move is complete and the commotion has died down they can move in and begin to settle.

Experienced Sheffield Removals Company

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