Make sure your business removals run smoothly

Whatever your industry, you’ll want to ensure that your business removals in Sheffield run as smooth as possible. This will ensure that your move has little effect on business continuity, keeping both your customers and staff happy. Here at Andrews Removals we’ve taken care of many business removals across the region. Here are a few tips to make the process easier.

Move at a weekend (or during downtime) where possible

It might seem like common sense, but moving outside of your business hours wherever possible will minimise negative impact on work. If your business is a shop you’ll also want to consider moving out of season to minimise disruption.

Outline a moving day procedure to all staff

Making sure everyone knows what will be happening on moving day will help minimise the effect on customers. Whatever your business here a few things that you might want to take care of ahead of moving day.

  • Staff members who answer phones will want to divert calls to a mobile.
  • Sales staff who need to arrange meetings will need to know when the board room is available.
  • Shop staff may need to notify customers of a change to opening hours.
  • If an office will be shut for a few days you should ensure staff can retrieve emails from home.

Get your new office ready

Ensuring that your new office is decorated, with phone and internet connectivity ready to go will ensure that you can carry on as normal as soon as the furniture is installed.

Stagger your removals

If it’s not possible to move your office out of business hours then you may want to stagger your move. This way one half of staff can get the new premises ready whilst the other half maintain business as usual.

Clearly label any hardware

Ensuring people have the right equipment that they need can save a lot of hassle at your new destination. You can take care of this by clearly labelling computers, monitors and other equipment before it departs.

Make sure you take care of any admin

Ensuring all the relevant stakeholders know your business has moved address ahead of the move is important. Make sure mail is redirected and your new address is clearly listed on your website. You might also need to let HMRC know about the move.

Choose Andrews Removals for your business removals in Sheffield

Andrews Removals have a team of experienced staff who can ensure that your business removals run as smooth as possible. This way you can focus on keeping your business thriving while we take care of the lifting. For more information on business removals in Sheffield and South Yorkshire contact us today for a quote on 03332001323 or visit our business removals page to find out more about our services.