Removals in Sheffield,  Chesterfield and South Yorkshire

Andrews Removals are specialists when it comes to moving people and things, whether that be house removals, house clearance or commercial and business removals. Our team of specialist removals experts will be able to get you and your possessions from A to B with minimal fuss and maximum convenience. Moving house, or business premises, can be a stressful occasion and at Andrews Removals we try to make it as smooth as possible. Browse our site to see the range of removals services we provide to Sheffield, Chesterfield and South Yorkshire.




Packing is an important part of the whole moving process and without items being packed correctly they’re liable to become damaged. It doesn’t matter how professional the company moving your items is there is always an element of risk, which is why we recommend using our expert packing service. We’ll use proven packing techniques to ensure that all of your items whether they are fragile or require extra protection arrive at your new home safely

We offer containerised storage from as little as £7 per week in a secure facility which is protected by an alarm system and CCTV. Containerised storage is the most professional, safe and cost effective form of storage available. We use industry standard wooden containers that are breathable to ensure your belongings are kept dry, aired and dust free. We prefer these to metal units as they can often retain moisture causing damp and mould to develop when belongings are kept for a long period. All of your furniture is wrapped in removal blankets and mattresses and sofas are wrapped in polyurethane covers.

Andrews Removals understands the overwhelming feeling that moving home can create and we are here to help make it a smooth and stress free experience. We believe that through speaking to a member of our quotation team and listening to their wealth of experience and knowledge together we can make your removal a successful one. Contact us at any time to discuss your removal needs with one of our experienced removal advisors